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Welcome to Florida Genetic Center, for more information about our products call (305) 599-6125.

Florida Genetic Inc. is located in Miami South Florida, Owned by Idalberto Bueno, a family run company which specializes in Embryos and Semen from Charolais, Brahman, Angus and Brown Swiss cattle was formed in 1996 and has been very successful in a short time due to a combination of purchasing top quality foundation stock and total commitment to breeding the perfect milk and beef animal.

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 Product Pedigree Price

Name: Prelude Charles BS204

BWCBA NO. 195159

Color: Brown

Breed: Brown Swiss

Download a pedigree


$ 10.00 by straw

Name: PBR105-1


Color: Brown

Breed: Brown Swiss

Pedigree not available a this time

$ 10.00 by straw



Phone Orders and Questions: (305) 228-8827

Mobile: (305)310-5207

Fax Orders: (305) 228-9170
Florida Genetic Center 175 Fontainebleau Blvd. Suite 1N1

Miami, Florida. 33172 USA


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